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Mouth of Wilson, VA

The Mouth of Wilson community resides in the Blue Ridge Highlands portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just north of the state line. The origin behind the name, a surveyor, named Wilson who died and was buried in a creek while surveying the Stateline between North Carolina and Virginia. The state line lies on Hwy 16, where you can find Stateline Outpost and Grub.

Passage from Community of Mouth of Wilson
History of Grayson County, Page 102-103


"Mouth of Wilson is home. Regardless of where I may live, it will always be “home,” a most beloved spot. When I think of Mouth of Wilson, I think of spring and the smell of apple blossoms intermingled with those if newly-plowed ground and the fresh paint on the front porch.

Sounds also come to mind: the church bell, Oak Hill’s siren, the muffled tones of company visiting with my grandparents on the front porch at Rosemont during summer’s long summer evenings. And, I remember the soft, secure, and comforting sounds of the animals I loved so dearly. I remember watching the ice break up and move out on the New River in winter, and the warm sun glistening on Wilson Creek in summer. The people of the community - many gone, some still there - pass by my mind’s eye as if in review. Mouth of Wilson people are special. They are loving, kind, and supportive."

The first brick house in the area was constructed at Mouth of Wilson in 1800, by Revolutionary War veteran Robert Parson. The first grist mill to be located on the banks of Wilson Creek was built by Robert’s son, John. In 1884, Colonel Fields J. McMillan built a woolen mill on Wilson Creek. W.C. Fields and Granville Hash purchased the mill from McMillan twelve years later. This partnership lasted until 1902, when Fields purchased Hash’s interest. The Fields Motor Company was established early in the 1920’s, and the Fields family operated a general store at Mouth of Wilson for many years. Oak Hill Academy and Young’s Chapel Baptist Church, located at Mouth of Wilson, have always played a prominent role in the community and its history. 

Stateline Outpost & Grub serves Mouth of Wilson and its surrounding community with pride. We seek to create an atmosphere for farmers, families, and friends alike to share their stories and memories over good music and great food. Stateline Outpost & Grub was established to bring life to the community and provide the town with a "one stop shop" service. Stateline has all your last minute needs stocked on the shelves, a coffee bar, a full ice cream and milkshake bar with 8 flavors sourced from a local farm, a deli, and a restaurant.

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